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Life is Unpredictable, you never know who you will meet and prefer. we were so exciting with our life when we were young, but times passed by, we lost the passion of life! The reason is that we see the same type of pictures & videos everyday. But people love new friends and interesting pictures & video, so here we announce that we provide you a brand new way to discover interesting Instagram – Followd.
[wpex more=”続きを読む” less=”閉じる”] Followd means you can find and follow those peoples you really prefer, those photos show a totally exciting and awesome life which may grasp your heart.
With our app, your explore the world of photos and follow those new interesting ones. Boom~ You get back your passion of life, cuz you see so many wonderful photos that you never see before. Even more your Instagram photos will be shown in a constantly changing feed where you can see the latest posts of other people. If you really enjoyed their post then you can click the “FOLLOW” button to follow them and earn some gems, but if don’t like, just skip and check another.When you owned enough gems, you can then promote your own Instagram accounts!
One suggestion, just like the photos that you are really interested in, that you are willing to like and comment and share your opnions, that really touch your heart. You can find those photos in Instagram settings->Posts I’ve Liked section, you can check them any time.
We never follow a people without your consent. You only follow them by your won.
We do not sale likes. All the likes are real Instagram users just like you. If you don’t get likes right away, give it some time, the right ones always come later.
As a platform to offer instant and effective way for you to find your same kind, the filter feature will help you easily find the instagram account that has the same interests with you.
It’s about time to find something new. Find the people you like, make different friends, experience a fresh new lifestyle.







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